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Satori Group has been offering hazardous material abatement services since 2005. Our knowledgeable staff can help design and/or manage projects, and inspect or remove hazardous materials from any commercial or residential structure. Satori has completed over 500 abatement projects throughout Alaska and the western United States.

Asbestos Abatement

Satori Group, Inc. has the capability to provide comprehensive asbestos abatement services whenever they’re needed. Using state of the art work practices we protect the environment, staff, and workers during each and every project.

Our expertise comes from years of providing asbestos abatement services that has included fire proofing, thermal system insulation, resilient floor coverings, exterior siding, roofing, and fine cleaning of asbestos dust contamination. By incorporating the latest equipment in our industry with a highly skilled and certified workforce, all abatement projects are completed in compliance with local, state, and Federal requirements. Listed below are just a few of the asbestos abatement services we offer:

Lead Abatement

Lead hazards still exist in today’s environment and are often attributed to contaminated soils, interior and exterior paints, and drinking water. Satori Group specializes in diagnosing the problem and finding the solution. Satori is an EPA Certified Lead-Based Paint Firm employing lead professionals that can provide the following services:

All of our workers and staff are fully trained in EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting and OSHA regulations. Satori Group, Inc is an EPA approved company for Lead activities.

Mold Abatement

While mold spores are common in our natural environment, large quantities of spores frequently result in allergic reactions and respiratory problems for most people. Today’s construction designs emphasize energy efficiency that may result in less air exchanges inadvertently promoting conditions suitable for large mold spore growth.

Just about any water leak can result in conditions favorable to mold growth and exposure to excessive mold spores can lead to significant health concerns. Satori can conduct proper mold remediation services to ensure further contamination does not occur. This is accomplished by using the latest equipment which includes:

We will conduct removal in the safest and most efficient and cost effective manner possible to ensure your employee, family, or tenant’s health is first and foremost.