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Molds can grow almost anywhere there is adequate moisture. It can easily enter the home from common situations such as a leaky roof, a damp basement, or simply wet clothes drying in the home. Mold releases small spores that spread through the air, water or even on animals. You can usually smell or see a mold problem, however sometimes it may be found hiding in walls or crawlspaces from unacknowledged excess moisture.

Mold spores are always found in the air we breathe, but extensive mold contamination can cause serious health problems. If you’re buying a new home, experienced a recent flood, or are suffering mysterious health symptoms – mold may be present. Using the latest technology and inspection processes, Satori Group can assess building conditions, mold spores presence, and environmental factors causing growth. We are here to assess your indoor air quality. Give us a call for your spore sampling, remediation, or project management needs.

Mold Consulting Services:

  • Mold Inspections
  • Surface Mold Sampling
  • Mold Air Sampling
  • Remediation Design and Specifications Development
  • Containment inspections and checklists
  • Negative Pressure Enclosure Monitoring
  • Remediation Cost Estimating