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OSHA Hazwoper Refresher

OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher is a course on the safety guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and the standards were first issued in 1989. The regulations were introduced to help workers transport, store, clean up and dispose of hazardous materials safely and efficiently.

Anyone working in emergency response operations involving hazardous material, hazardous waste clean-up sites, and facilities dealing with treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous material must take the OSHA hazwoper standard course.

The HAZWOPER guidelines give employers and workers information and training resources to reduce the risk of injuries and illnesses that might occur after workplace exposure to hazardous matter. While the standards are pretty comprehensive, it’s vital that both employers and employees understand the specific guidelines that apply to their scope of work.

All employees working in emergency response involving hazardous material, the clean-up sites, or facilities that handle hazardous waste, must take a hazwoper 8-hour refresher training course every year.

What is it?

The OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher is a short course designed for managers and workers in hazardous waste management careers who have previously done the longer courses. To be eligible for this 8-hour course, you should have completed either the 40-hour or the hazwoper 24-hour training.

As per the OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.120, it’s mandatory for anyone who’s taken the courses as mentioned earlier to do the refresher course every year. The refresher training aims to ensure that the people working in hazardous waste facilities stay up to date with the safety procedures and are competent.

Once you’ve applied for the training, you have an OSHA hazwoper refresher grace period of 12 months from the previous HAZWOPER refresher course. Failure to do that you will lose your certification, and you might have to retake the 24-hour or the 40-hour hazwoper refresher training.

The OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher is an online training course, and you can download your certification once you’re done. There are quick questions at the end of each module, and once you’ve completed the course, you do an exam that you pass when you score 70% and above. You can retake the exam as many times as possible until you achieve the required score.

Who is it for?

People who work in hazardous waste operations and emergency response operations involving hazardous materials are required to undertake the training each year.

The areas of expertise where the OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher course is applicable include:

If you want to do the OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher, get in touch with us to get you enrolled.

What can you expect?

The certification for the OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher lasts for 12 months. When you take the training, you can be assured that you will pass. The course is self-paced so that you can do it in your own time. Considering that it’s all online, our systems will track your progress, and you can pick up from where you stopped.

You will also have access to a trainer anytime you need them, making it easier for you to ask any questions you might have and receive guidance where necessary. The class is also fully narrated so that you can follow along with the instructors during the training. Apart from that, we have interactive exercises that keep you on top of everything you’ve learned. We also use real-world relevant examples to help you grasp the training concepts, making it easier to transition back to your workplace with updated safety standards.

The OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher course online is easy to do, flexible, and above all, cheap. In keeping up with the OSHA requirements, undertaking the training is the best thing for your career in hazardous waste operations.

Next steps and Call to Action

To avoid getting your certificate recalled, it’s essential that you take the first step and enroll in the hazwoper 8-hour refresher class. Whether you did the 40-hour hazwoper training or the 24-hour course, you are qualified and still need to do the refresher course.

The training is super-flexible and inexpensive and gives you the opportunity to do it in your own time. Instead of waiting until the last minute to take the course, you’d rather be safe and give yourself ample time to engage in it properly. Talk to us and schedule a call to register for the OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher training.

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