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Online AHERA Contractor/Supervisor Refresher

Asbestos is a mineral fiber used in several manufactured products to increase fire resistance, strengthen and provide heat insulation. While most products today don’t have the mineral fiber, some of the places where you can find asbestos include:

While the mineral fiber has a wide range of uses, its health implications cannot be ignored. Asbestos poses a major health scare for anyone exposed to it. It is a major cause of lung cancer and mesothelioma, a cancer of the chest lining and the abdominal cavity. Although there have been attempts to ban it in the USA, the substance is still being used, although under regulation. Since the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, more manufacturers have stopped using the component in their products. More labor and trade groups have also lobbied for safer work environments, leading to reduced use of asbestos in the country.

Yet, according to the United States International Trade Commission, with over 114 metric tons of asbestos imported in the first three months of 2022, there is a high demand for personnel with asbestos training. That is where our Online AHERA Contractor/Supervisor Refresher course at Satori Group comes in.

What is it?

The Online AHERA Contractor/Supervisor Refresher course is a mandatory annual refresher course for all AHERA-certified asbestos professionals. Federal regulations approve the course, and all professionals are required to take it to keep their certification active.

Who is it for?

This online asbestos supervisor refresher course is for any professional originally certified with an Alaska approved 40-hour AHERA Contractor / Supervisor  training certification.  As a supervisor/contractor, you are required by federal regulation to undertake the course annually to maintain your certification.

What can you expect?

The Online AHERA Contractor/Supervisor Refresher course is designed to be easy and quick to grasp, so you don’t spend much time going through the same things. You will review key content from the original course, as well as analyze the regulations (any new or changes to existing regulations), new laws regarding asbestos management, and any new equipment or practices of the trade.

The course takes only eight hours, and you’re done. We offer you affordable, short, and approved training in this course.

Since it’s a State of Alaska requirement, you might wonder if the asbestos supervisor training near me is legit.  Fret not; this course meets both AHERA and the State of Alaska’s annual refresher training requirement for Asbestos Contractors/Supervisors.

Next steps and Call to Action

As an asbestos contractor/supervisor, it’s important to keep yourself apprised of the regulations and legislation in the field. Things change quite rapidly, and considering that you’re in charge of people handling dangerous material, it’s vital that you keep them updated with the work practices and ensure that they follow the law at the workplace.

At Satori Group, we strive to ensure that our courses are up-to-date with the latest AHERA and federal regulations. By taking the Online AHERA Contractor/Supervisor Refresher course, you can be sure that you’ll maintain your certification.

While it only takes eight hours, it doesn’t mean you should wait until your certification expires.

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