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Asbestos Services

Satori Group provides comprehensive asbestos services to meet the needs of construction teams, and property owners in Alaska and the Western U.S. Having specialized in asbestos abatement and management since 2005, you can feel confident when working with us that you will receive the very best level of care for your property. Asbestos is a dangerous material that should never be overlooked.

What Are Asbestos Services?

Asbestos services include detecting, analyzing, and removing asbestos material from commercial or residential structures. Asbestos is a type of mineral that was commonly used in the construction process prior to 1980, when laws went into effect to reduce its use. That’s because this material is highly dangerous, having the ability to allow fine particles to enter the airway and embed into the lungs. Decades later, it can become cancerous.

The goal of asbestos services is to determine if asbestos is present. If it is there, it’s then necessary to determine if it needs to be removed or if it can remain. Many factors determine this, including whether or not the material is intact and if the area needs to be removed or otherwise altered. Any time that asbestos is interfered with, there is a high risk of particles entering the air and causing health risks for anyone within that space.

If the area will not be damaged in any way and the asbestos is properly confined and intact, it may not be necessary to remove it. This is a decision that’s made on a case-by-case basis.

When Are Asbestos Services Necessary?

Asbestos is no longer used in construction, but it could be present in homes built before 1980 when new laws went into effect to reduce its use. However, anyone doing any type of remodeling, updating, expansion work, or demolition of structures where asbestos could be present needs to learn if the material is present before any work can be done.

Asbestos may be present in a range of environments, including roofing materials, thermal system insulation, flooring coverings, exterior siding, and much more. It is critical for proper testing to ensure that the property is safe before construction work can be completed in all situations.

What to Expect From Asbestos Services

When you hire Satori Group to handle your asbestos needs, we can provide for all of the work that needs to be completed. This includes:

In situations where there is asbestos present that needs to be mitigated, the team then provides comprehensive asbestos abatement, a process that works to contain and remove asbestos in the most effective manner possible. This is always done to meet the local, state, and federal compliance requirements.

Abatement often includes the containing of the area, proper removal of the material, cleanup of the surrounding area, and full disposal of the material. Depending on the size and scope of the project, this may mean creating contamination areas and decontamination areas. Teams use respiratory protective devices and protective clothing to reduce the risk of asbestos material leaving that space.

In addition to this, Satori Group can also help with operations and maintenance programs, project design, and cost estimating for the asbestos removal and provide the necessary support to property owners and construction management firms.

You can expect highly-trained professionals to complete this work for you using the most advanced equipment available. That includes following best practices within the industry to ensure proper abatement is completed.

How to Get Started with Asbestos Services

If you plan to do construction of any type on a building that dates prior to the 1980s, contact Satori Group. Our team will schedule a time to come to your property and provide the necessary type of inspection to determine what is present. If you suspect asbestos for any reason, do not touch or damage it in any way. You cannot see the fine particles that enter the air even when someone just touches it.

Allow our team to conduct a full inspection and then develop a plan for abating the material as needed. With years of experience, we are confident we can help you get rid of asbestos effectively and safely, creating a safe work environment for your team.

To learn more about our asbestos services, contact us today. Schedule an inspection to determine what steps you need to take to make your space safe to use.

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