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Asbestos Removal Contractors

Working with asbestos removal contractors is one of the most important things you can do if you suspect or know there is asbestos material present. It is not safe for anyone other than a licensed and certified company to handle the removal of asbestos from any residential or commercial building. Satori Group holds the necessary certifications as well as has the experience to ensure this type of work is done properly, eliminating risks to anyone involved.

What Do Asbestos Removal Contractors Do?

Asbestos removal contractors work closely with property owners as well as construction teams and others to determine if asbestos is present and, if so, how to properly remove it. This is done by providing a comprehensive workplan that addresses the specific needs of the property and the project at hand. In every situation, the process needs to be conducted in a manner that meets all local, state, and federal compliance requirements.

Removal contractors, also known as abatement providers, have task of determining if asbestos is present. If it is, it is then necessary to seal off the area and create a plan for the removal of that material. This takes some time and needs to be done by licensed and certified contractors to reduce the risk of any person being exposed to this harmful mineral. Asbestos removal contractors have the experience necessary to do this without putting others at risk.

Who Needs Asbestos Removal Contractors?

It is necessary to determine if asbestos is present within a home or other building through a careful analysis and evaluation. If the property was built prior to 1980, it is likely to need an inspection to determine if this material is present.

Asbestos was used heavily in the construction industry prior to that timeframe. During that time, it was used in numerous ways including in wall and ceiling materials, flooring, insulation, roofing, and fire proofing. It was heavily used in some areas because of how affordable and accessible it was. They did not know risks were present at that point.

Today, anyone that is done any type of construction work on buildings built prior to 1980 should have an asbestos inspection completed. This helps ensure that the property is safe to damage and update. If asbestos is present, even the smallest amount of inference with it can allow the particles to become airborne, putting everyone that comes into contact with it at risk of exposure.

What to Expect During Removal of Asbestos

If it is necessary for you to have asbestos material removed, your contactor will devise a plan to complete this process. That typically involves containing the area using the proper methods to eliminate any risk that the material can leave that area. This includes sealing all vents and turning off all areas of HVAC function.

Once this is done, well-trained and licensed professionals will wear protecting clothing and respiratory systems to enter into the space. They will properly remove the material reducing the amount that enters into the air. During this process, they place the material into specifically designed waste removal bags to ensure that it cannot escape. This is then disposed of properly according to local requirements. Keep in mind that there is also the need to have a decontamination zone as well as to complete thoroughly cleaning of the area to remove any fine particles. It is a thorough process and one that must be done with careful attention to detail.

Why Trust Satori Group for Your Abatement Company in Alaska?

When you need asbestos contractors in Alaska, you can depend on our team to handle the work for you professionally and with careful attention to all steps necessary to fully remove the material in a safe manner. We handle the entire process including:

When you contact our team, which has completed over 500 projects throughout the region, you know you are working with a highly trained professional you can depend on.

To get started, contact us to set up an inspection if needed. Our team will work quickly and efficiently but following all requirements to detect and eliminate the asbestos material present. You can trust us to ensure the work is done properly but also to keep costs in line with your goals.

Contact Satori Group today by filling out the form on this page or calling us for more information and an appointment.

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